Best vine for shady wall?

classydameApril 24, 2008

Ever since the highway went through our backyard, I've hated the big wall / sound barrier back there. Here's a pic

I want to grow a vine to cover it up. I live in wisconsin, borderline zones 4 and 5. The side of the wall we have to look at doesnt get much direct sunlight. The soil around here has a lot of clay in it. I don't know much about planting vines, so I've been reading up on the internet. So far, I'm leaning towards Boston Ivy, but I read that it attracts a lot of bees. I have a 3-yr old, so that worries me.

With the other types of vines I read about, it sounds like so many of them are pretty aggressive. While I don't care if they take over the pine trees (the city planted those...a sad attempt to hide the wall), I'd hate to jeapordize our other tree back there.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, it would be much appreciated. Or if anyone has experience with Boston Ivy, could u tell me just how bad the bee issue is? Or any tricks for keeping the bees in check?

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Hi there. I couldn't open your pic, but climbing hydrangeas are perfect for a shady wall. It takes them a while to kick in, but once they start climbing they're gorgeous! A very classy plant. Maureen

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egh... it seems it wont let people click the link. If u copy and paste into the address bar it should work. sorry bout that.

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