Planting Bougainvillea next to house wall

wildzxApril 18, 2013

hello all,
quick question. I hear that the roots of Bougainvillea are rough, tough and very hard; is this true? I planted 2 Bougainvillea next to my house wall, and plan is to have the vines climb up the chimney and wall.
Should I be concerned about the roots of the 2 Bougainvillea i planted effecting my house foundation, wall or something like that? will it be ok or should i move them in planters? thanks

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I have no real knowledge except that Bouganvillea is planted against house walls all over Southern Europe. But building techniques might be different.

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You haven't posted your area, so it's difficult to say how vigorous the plants may grow for you.
"Old fashioned" bougs grow to almost tree-like proportions in warmer climates, with something for support, but the newer cultivars are much more restrained.
I would say that the roots are no worse than those of a rose - certainly large but not invasive as water-seeking tree roots might be.
I would check out the depth of your foundations, ANYTHING can penetrate under, and seek professional advice as it's better to spend $100 and shift a new plant, than pay thousands in house repairs.
I don't think there is any advantage in a raised pot in the same position if the roots will eventually go into the ground.

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