I don't know if I can hack it

wildhoney130May 2, 2010

The worms and their creepy friends are in danger of being evicted. I'm just one good cry away from tossing the whole bin into the garden. Today I found tiny white worms and tiny white spiders all over the rim of the bin. Ok, there were only a few visable, but who knows what lurks beneath the new cardboard bedding covering the surface - I'm literally afraid to look. I tried to identify the new worms but they look fatter than a pot worm and skinnier than a maggot. The spiders are flat and lite-colored, not like the mites I saw in pictures. I've been reading that all these pests are in-fact beneficial, but I didn't sign up for this. Are there any delicate flowers out there that overcame their fear and loathing of bugs? Should I give it more time or throw in the towel? Thanks.

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Hang in there Honey, you can do it.

Dave Nelson

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I think you should evict them. If the inhabitants of your worm bin creep you out, then they should be outside. You should be comfortable in your space. Worms have been here on earth way before humans, and will probably last longer than we will (they have no trigger fingers).
A worm box, bin, barrel, tote or any other vermi-rig is an ecosystem unto itself. Each worm system is different. All of the creatures in a worm box have a job to do and that is why they are there. What works for one worm box, may actually be the death of another system (best example- ph adjustment without testing first). The biggest problem for new wormers is overfeeding/expecting a few worms to eat a ton of garbage.
Put them outside and enjoy your time here.

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Since all of my worms are outdoors in an open pit or in bins, when I see creepy things, it is just an indicator of bin/pit conditions. I think I would get seriously creep'd out if they were in the house. Here are a few links that might prove helpful. The video actually goes through various bugs with a commentary. Hope this helps. barb

Scroll way down to video and article:GOOD BUGS IN A WORM BIN
You'll notice that Bently advises to stop feeding for an infestation. "Bedding is your best friend". He also said that 'creature' infesting main reason why people give up on vermicomposting.
scroll down to pictures ... is that white worm the one you have?
This shows pictures of fruit fly & soldier fly larva.
Red Mites

Here is a link that might be useful: Interview -GOOD BUGS IN WORM BIN

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I am glad you are considering the garden and not the garbage. So it will all turn into good stuff. You could always harvest a few worms and dunk them into water that has sat out for 24 hours and start new. Maybe the white things are BSFL Black Soilder Fly Larve which many people want to buy for their worm bin. They may be a little much if you are just starting out. Even the worms freak me out. I touch them only with a stick.

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Lots of good info there!
Key expression: "fear and loathing of bugs".
I know that most snakes are nonpoisonous and more afraid of me than I am of them.
I will still run until I am a safe distance (out of sight) from the snake. They creep me out and I do NOT want them in my space.
Bentley's videos can't fix my phobias. LOL
But still- Lots of good info!

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wildhoney130 did bring up a good topic.

For a while I had material like a sheer synthetic curtain over my bin to help with fruit flys. They did not fly out the openings at the bottom.

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If the bugs creep you out then yes, you should give it up.
They will be there as part of the ecosystem.
Not everyone can "get over it."
I am a girl but bugs have never bothered me, well, I hate spiders but bin bugs NEVER bothered me.
WC is not for everyone and if you are afraid to look then it probably is not for you.
Try selling your bin on craigslist.

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