still no signs of life on my clematis or my wisteria

Lynn NevinsApril 19, 2013

Hi all.

So last year...maybe around the month of May... I got a clematis and a wisteria shrub. They were both put into pots. The wisteria did really well. I then cut it back...probably in the Fall, following some directions I'd found online....somthing about cutting it back to just over the third 'knuckle' from the soil line...something like that.

The clematis, while it had some growth last year, never really seemed to thrive. I did not do any kind of cutting back on that plant...I just left it as is.

As of today there is no green growth or otherwise signs of life on either plant. They definitely should have shown some green by now, right? So I guess I should assume they are dead? And if that's the case, I guess it wouldn't hurt to make a last ditch effort.... should I try cutting off all the dead growth on the clematis to see if that somehow rejuvenates it? And what about the wisteria? Maybe I can first try to scrape off the outer 'bark' with my fingernail and see if I see green underneath? And if I do not, should I try cutting the entire plant back say just a few inches above the soil line, to see if that somehow rejuvenates it?

Thanks everybody!!

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Lynn Nevins

I just found this note I'd written myself on my wisteria that might be helpful? (I also had a note that wisteria has very specific pruning requirements which is somehting I'm not used to having to do....prune on a specific schedule....) Anyway here's a note on pruning that I DID do. Note I haven't touched the plant since:

"Late October 2012 due to a strong hurricane I had to take all plants indoors and so I had no choice but to cut back all my wisteria stems (so I could remove the plant from the trellis it was clinging to) to just above the fifth bud (though at the time there were no actual âÂÂbudsâ or leavesâ¦but I just felt along at what felt like a hard, slightly protruding leaf âÂÂjointâÂÂ, and so I cut the stem after 5-6 of those joints."

Also a note on my clematis which I mention in my original post. I believe it's considered a 'group 3' clematis. It's Gardini Moonfleet Clematis.


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It's a bit early for Clematis to come up from the roots - wait until the end of May before you give it up for dead. It's the same for Wisteria.

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