Can Virginia Creeper be trained?

Lynn NevinsApril 30, 2008

Hi all. I just bought a small virginia creeper plant in like a 1-quart pot. I bought it for the purposes of training it up a trellis I have made of some 2 x 4's and chicken wire. But upon seeing the plant, it looks quite woody. Will I in fact be able to weave this plant in and out of the wires so that it will eventually grow up the trellis on its own?

I've never trained a vine before, but I would have thought this plant would have thinner "stems"...but when I saw how woody it was, I'm afraid that if I try to train it the woody branches might snap/break....

Thank you!

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

It will grow, probably quickly, on it's own. I would expect you would have to prune it, to keep it in control.

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My neighbor has a virginia creeper planted on her side of the chain link fence that separates our yards. She cuts it down to the ground every year and it grows back to cover about 30 feet of the fence in one summer. I don't think you'll have a problem training it up a trellis. Sometimes the vines do break when I try to weave them into the fence - maybe ties would work well for you on your trellis. The vine my neighbor planted has very nice fall color.

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