Looking for a drought tolerant annual to cover fence.

travis0808April 19, 2012

Hello, I have a a building downtown Toledo in which we built a small patio over a parking lot. Because of this most items must be grown in pots/containers. It is also very hot over the blacktop and in full sun.

I am looking for a vine that could be planted annually in pots next to the patio fence fence to give it some cover. We are also very limited in water as we only get what our rain barrels provide.

We tried Morning Glories last year, and while they didn't die, they also just barely got by.

Thank You for any suggestions.

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Some quick pics of fence and patio in question.

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Mods, please feel free to delete previous post with pics, I did not see the size restrictions before. Sorry.

Here are some pics of fence and patio.

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