Southerner has worms!

doc_dot(z9)May 20, 2008

Y'all, we moved to central FL, and I brought the worms with me. This will be our first summer, and it's already too darned hot out there. Cannot keep this many bins.

They've been very sexy all winter. Lots of mouths to feed.

I'd love to give/share with anyone who wants to start a bin, but I will not ship in this heat.

I'll even meet you in the Orlando vicinity to help you save gas.

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Dot, what kind of worms do you have. I live in Clermont and I'm trying to grow red worms.

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Hi doc-dot.
Just curious where you moved from. You are very kind in offering to give some of your worms away!!

I'm in Canada, so won't be getting any worms, so just wanted to say Hi, and good luck in Florida!


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Sorry not to have responded yesterday.
Cable was out.

We are just south of Clermont.
These are red wrigglers.

Lived in lots of states, the last years
in Charlotte, NC.

LMK if anyone is interested.

Sherry in Canada, you NEED to come south
next winter and drive home with Southern Worms!!
(You can teach them to say "hoose" and "aboot".)

Me thinks that is rain out there.
The worms and I need to go dance in it.
We have been sooooo dry for soooo long.


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Great idea Dot!! Hubby lived in Carey, NC for a few years and then Houston. (before me). He loves NC.

I think a winter holiday would definitely be a great idea and introducing your Southern worms to my Northern ones. They can learn each other's lingo!


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Fantastic, free worms!!!

Only prob is that I'm in Australia, but who cares when there's FREE worms in the offering!. Now lets see, fuel at $1.80 / lt, 747 at 5000lbs / hr, 25 hr flight to florida...........

FREE WORMS!!!!!!!!!!

(sobs quietly).........


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We go to Australia every few yrs. Next time we give it a go, what's the best way to smuggle the wrigglers?

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