Planting morning glories early in the season?

ponyexpress_1April 23, 2013

I have a question about when to sow my morning glory seeds. I have grown them in the past and this year bought several different varieties from a vendor on ebay. Some of the packs say to soak overnight which is what I normally do after the last frost. Some say to sow early in the season. My question is how early is early? Should I scarify and soak them too? Are they all the same or do some have different requirements? The varieties I have are Akatsuki no Umi, Star of India, Light Pink Hige #6, Heavenly Blue and a Japanese American mix that were free.

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Plant out when the ground and night temperature is consistently warm, like over 55 F. I plant out after Mother's Day in northern Delaware.

You'll be growing some of my favorites. Be sure to post flower and leaf photos here in the forum.

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