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hummingbirddaisyAugust 1, 2006

Hi Ladies ~

My apologies for being MIA the last couple of weeks. HAve been pretty ill and not feeling up to doing to much of anything.

I need a ROLE CALL. I need everyone to pop in and let us know you are still around. I am going to wait until the 10th and then rework partners. I may even post for replacement partners to get this group kicked into gear.

Nitelite - Have not heard from you since the beginning of this robin on our threads. You are being dropped as of now.

Sorry I had to do this, but I can't let your partner keep sending to you and receive nothing.

Simplylisa - Are you still around?

debbya - I received my box awhile back. Sorry for not posting sooner. Been spending most of my time in bed.

She sent me a wonderful assortment of houseplant cuttings, which all are doing great! I love each of them!

Wishing for cooler weather for us all this month.

Have fun gathering seeds :-)


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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

tina check me out at--NEW: garden friends swap with a twist ------it's going to be fun..free of any costed...lol
i can't wait to SEE you..erica

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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

Tina, I've sent to my pal for June, July, and I just sent August. I've received for June the first part of July. Glad to know you are feeling better!

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Tina, I have not heard from my pal for July either. Thanks, Amy

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)


I sent for July a while ago but my pal has not posted.

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I'm here and ready for our August swap. My secret pal has been faithful and generous ever since the swap started, and I plan to continue to send goodies to my pal.

Tina -- glad to hear you're feeling better. Did you have the summer flu?

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I went over my list of players this morning, and this is what I have come up with:

Sguanzon - #1 player!
Debbya - #1 player
Tastefullyjulie - #1 player
KayEmell - #1 player
efrosty - #1 player
amybabyboy3 - #1 player
If I have missed someone, please forgive me. The above listed have been faithful in sending and posting since the very beginning. I am very proud of you ladies :-)

I need this list of players to check in with me and let me know whats up:

List of dropped players:

kellyinflorida - I will work her back in when things straighten out and she can come back to us!

Tastefullyjullie - Don't send out a box yet for this month.
amybabyboy3 - Don't send out a box yet for this month.
efrosty1 - Don't send out a box yet for this month.

I am going to rework some partners. (Note: sguanzon will continue to send to her partner, KayEmell will continue to send to her partner)

Please accept my sincerest of apologies for all of this?
One way or the other, we will get things smoothed out.


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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Bogartbaby is on vacation. Something about an 8 hour plane ride. I don't think she'll be back for another week.

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I already sent my package out earlier in the month. Amy

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Amy, earlier in the month would have been yesterday. Hee hee.

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Im sorry I was thinking Tina meant for July. I'm losing it and I haven't even been out in the Heat!!!!!!!!!!!! Amy

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I'm in!

Just one quick question, was my Pal the same person for June and July?
I thought I was getting a new Pal for July?


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Yes Julie - You are absolutely right, I remember reading about the longggggggggggg flight now. Sorry Bogartbaby, I don't know whether I'm coming or going, LoL.
No Deb, you had a new partner, one who didn't follow!
I think we are weeding out the no shows, and this month should be great!
What do you all think about this NOT being a "secret pals" swap? Eventually, we all figure it out anyway....right?

Let me know one way or the other what you'd prefer. If you are all OK with it not, I will post partners here on the forum.

Thanks ladies,

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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

I think I'd prefer secret but if public maybe switch the partners around from month to month? But I'll go with the majority!

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I sort of like the idea of knowing who my Pal is. After not receiving 2 boxes (and the swap just started), it's nice to know who's not sending. My first Pal has a really good excuse, a relative is sick. But, the second pal? Hmm? Not too sure.. Let's weed a little harder, LOL!


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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

I have no preference about secret vs. not but would like to have one partner 'til the end. Basically because I like mine!

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OK!!!!! I have sent out e-mails for new "send to" partners. Those of you who have requested to keep the same partners will not receive an e-mail.

I only have one concern (one player), but even tho' she has not posted, she DID send. I think she is having computer problems.

I think everything is worked (weeded!) out.

I would really like to still hear form Simplylisa and missspoiled24. Even if you can't post to GW at the moment, please e-mail me


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And we will continue to keep this a "Secret Swap".
It adds a little extra fun to things :-)))

Thanks, Tina

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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

Just FYI, I thought I read on another thread that simplylisa is in the hospital (?)

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

just checking in.

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Thought I would post some pics to liven up the thread a bit

Daylily (Lost ID)

Phlox "Becky Towe"

Echinacea "Orange Meadowbrite and White Swan"

Daylily "Evening Gown"

Echinacea "Razzmatazz"

Daylily "Spacecoast Starburst"

All of our little tadpoles

another pic of tadpoles

Endless Summer Hydrangea

New Brick boarder being put around the butterfly garden

Part of the shade garden

Oriental Lily (can't remember which one at the moment)

Variegated Trumpet Vine (campsis radicans, my absolute favorite)

Echinacea "Double Decker"

another pic of E. DD

Bumblebee on Echinacea Double Decker before the top bloom

new Iris bed

Pond in the courtyard

my little guy in the entry garden with lambs ear

Butterfly garden boarder

Asiatic Lily (can't recall name)


Well, I suppose that is enough for right now. I could keep posting all day, LoL. I've more than made up with for not getting pics the last couple of years, this year. :-))
I have more pics of my gardens than I do my family, LoL.


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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

tina i would love a cutting or 2 of your Variegated Trumpet Vine. what color does it bloom... and that purple lily is wonderful, i just have plan ole' orange and yellow for the most part. i planted a few new ones this year but they proably won't bloom until next year.

here are some of my flowers.

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I just got up off the floor where I had fallen after laughing myself out of my chair over Tina's tadpole picture. When I first opened the image I thought, "Why in the world is Tina posting a picture of sperm?"

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Well, Little Greedy Piggy me is the lucky one to be the first to get my August package again, thanks to my extra wonderful, extra generous, Big Sweetie-Pie Secret Pal. In the middle of this miserable sweltering heat wave, my beautiful box arrived like a welcome cool breeze.

Inside was a great selecction of lily bulblets -- Oriental Pink; White Aster, and Pink Trumpet -- all wonderfully labeled with their own plant markers. Next was a lovely coffee-table book entitled "The Country Flowers of a Victorian Lady," an amazing and faithful reproduction of a book written and illustrated in the late 1800s by Miss Fanny Robinson. My pal also included a jasmine aromatherapy gift collection featuring jasmine-scented potpourri, massage oil, hand cream, shower gel, and cologne. Mmmmmmmm. I will smell nice (for a change) haha!

And the very very very best, which still has me giddy with joy, is a fabulous McCoy aqua flower pot which is an an exciting and magnificent additon to my aqua pottery collection, which I have shown in the photo below. I will take a picture of my new flower pot as soon as I organize myself.

Dear, wonderful, Secret Pal, please know how mch I appreciate your generosity of spirit and self. You are a bright shining star in my eyes! Thank you, thank you.

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Your display cabinet/collection looks really nice. I love seafoams, greens, and of course McCoy! Wow, what a nice Pal!


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Kayemell ~ What a GREAT collection!!!
I can't believe you are laughing at my spermies, LoL. I busted a gut when I read your post. My husband was wondering why he had to pick ME up off the floor, hahahah!
You do have to admit, they are the cutest things ;-)
Your partner is pretty great! Can't wait to see your new pot!

Erica - love those flowers! DId you make your stepping stones? They look fabulous! Your tipsy pots look awesome as well. Where do you find the time girlie?!!!!!

Deb ~ You have a new person sending to you this month who is quite reliable and thoughtful! We will get June and July taken care of. I am soooooooo sorry for not taken care of this sooner. I hope you forgive me????

Well, I have some packages to get out and the whether is so nice that I think I may try and get some plants in the ground!

Keep checking in ladies! I love reading all of your posts!

Hugs, Tina

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know how sorry I am for disappointing everyone. I have not forgotten anyone. All of my boxes and/or trades will be out by Monday. I will post numbers or e-mail you indivivduallllu as I send them. A few of you may have known what happened but Ifear that most did not. Mu dear sweet computer hopeless hubby tried to respond to any e-mails that went through but he also deleted every e-mail whether he had answered it or not so if you have sent me an e-mail regarding anything or even just to say hi in the last few weeks please resend it. For those of you that did not know, I collapsed while working in the garden. According to my doctor I had severely deleted myself through overwork and stress. I had been tryiong to make sure my oldest daughter;s wedding was perfect, along with helping organize and teaching at vacation bible school, not only at my church but also at my mothers and my sister;s. Along with caring for the normal everyday, a very active 4 year old, my other sisters 2 children (1year and 3 years old) and of course trying to save my struggling garden from this horrible 100+ degree heat. We have also been having some money problems that has caused me to really stress out and work extra hours at my AVON business to help make sure we had food on the table. All in all I didn't take care of myself, especially bad since I am an old, out of shape, fat woman. LOL I ended collapsing and was outside, unconscious a good 15-30 minutes before my son found me. I ended up in the hospital for a severe heat stroke, dehydration and a dangerous drop in my blood pressure, caused by the heat stroke. My doctot under protest, she wanted me to stay there much longer, released me Friday nght so that I could attend my daughter's wedding shower Friday night and her beautiful wedding Saturday. I am sorry that I have not posted sooner but her wedding and reception were outside and I probably should not have been out there in the heat. I was only able to really get out bed yesterday and I still feel very weak. I wanted to let you all know that you mean the world to me and I would never cheat any of you on purpose. I will be sending everyone their boxes and trades, it may be slow going because my doctor has warned me to take things very slowly. If you haven't heard from me, either through GardenWeb or e-mail about a box or a trade,by the end of next week please e-mail me and remind me, my doctor says I may have also had something called a mini stroke and my memory is not what it should be. Please bear with me and remember I love you all.

PS I am so sorry my box is so late. I promise my pal will get it soon. I would really like to stay in this one RR. I have left all the others. I would also liketo keep my pal if she doesn't mind keeping me. I promise to try and do better this month. I have not recieved a July box either.

PS2 If you all are interested I can post some pics of the wedding. My little girl was so beautiful, mother's opinion please forgive me. LOL Just let me know.

Lisa & Kayla

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bogartbaby(z8 SC)

Hello Everyone, just got back into town yesterday. Tina, so glad to hear that you are doing better. Lisa, I hope that you will be back on your feet in no time, I had the same thing happen to me about 6 years ago(scary experiance) You and your family will be in my prayers.
Wow, it feels like I was gone for two months. All these changes are a little confusing. Tina, I would like to pack my August box over the weekend so I can mail it out on monday. Am I still sending to the same Pal? I also have not received a box for July yet, probably due to my posting that I would be gone for two weeks. I know that I am on track with my boxes, mailed out for June and July and my Pal also posted that she received them. Please let me know what's going on. Thanks

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Bogartbaby - Sorry for all of the confusion. You are still sending to the same pal. My confusion caused your confusion, LoL. You have been an excellent pal!
How was your trip...the longgggggggggggg flight? Hope you had a wonderful time!

Lisa - I responded in "getting to know you" thread. You just get well honey. It will be slow going, so take it easy, and stay out of the heat. Best wishes and prayers for you darlin'. Your July's box will be taken care of.

I am going through some personal problems right now. Blah, blah, blah.... Please bear with me. This is the only thing that keeps my sanity, so don't you gals go and leave me, Ok :-).
Deb - I have the 2 make up boxes you missed, made up. I just need to add a couple of plants. Financially, I am a bit strapped at the moment, but please! know that I will make sure you get something nice for the two moths that you didn't receive. I have faith in your new partner, and know that she will send.
Kelly was Deb's first partner, and she is having some personal problems. We are just waiting for her to get back with us! Her second partner has been dropped from the swap for obvious reasons. Her 3rd (3rd time is a charm, right! :-)) is a faithful and honest trader. Thank you Deb, for sticking this out while we worked out all the bugs, and pulled some weeds. I know it's no fun to get left out.
You are such a great person, and an awesome trader. I am so happy you are in this group.

I will pop in periodically, but please don't think I have disappeared. THings are sure to get back to normal sooner or later.
Hugs to you all,

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Hi Tina,

I'm still not sure who to send to this month so I haven't sent yet :)

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bogartbaby(z8 SC)

Tina, thanks for letting me know. Sorry to hear about the personal trouble you are having and I hope and pray that everything will work itself out for you soon.
My loooong flight only took a little over twelfe hours of flying to get back home. If everything goes o.k. I will be able to post pictures by next week. When I got home I had to deal with my insurance people right away. Unknown to me we had some bad weather with some strong winds. My husbands computer was fried and somehow water backed up somewhere on the ground floor and ruined our wood flores. It all turned out fine, work on replacing the floors will start next week and we got the insurance check hand delivered to our door the same day. It is nice to travel and see diffrent countries and learn about their cultures but the best part is coming back home. There is some truth to the saying" Home Sweet Home". Well, I'm awake now so I better get back to the rest of my dirty laundry and do some catching up on everything else that needs to be done. Will post again soon. Wishing everyone a relaxing and great weekend.

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Lisa and Tina, I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties. You are both on my prayer list. There must be some bad karma in the air because this month has been absolutely, positively SH*TTY for me too; lots of relationship and work problems. To that end, I want to share this beautiful link with everyone. It probably belongs on the discussions side because it's sort of off-topic, but we're all friends here so I hope it slips though. It really puts things into perspective when I'm low. Blessings to all.

Here is a link that might be useful: To Lift Your Spirit

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bogartbaby(z8 SC)

Hello, just checking in. How is everybody doing? Tina and Erica your flowers are eyecandy, I was ohhhh and ahhhing out loud as I was looking at the pictures. My DH ran into the office to see what was going on.....Hmmmm,now I know how to get him to respond when I need him to do something.LOL
Usually I have to call him several times before I get a "Whaaat?" and a "I'll be there in a minute"
Kayemell, that was a beautiful link and you are right it does put everything into perspective. I wish I could box up some happiness and sunshine to make your troubles go away and send it to all you lady's that are down on your luck at the moment. Will check back on you guys in a few days again.

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Thanks to my wonderful pal! I received another awesome box Wednesday. Hopefully I won't forget anything since I'm too lazy to ever write anything down. She sent really cool bubbles for my kids which are keeping them occupied right now. The ones they're blowing now smell like green apples and they are edible! I also got a pretty tin door/wall hanger, a book called "the Fragrant Garden" - I swear the book is scented - a cute candle in a basket, Citrus exfoliating soap which I can't wait to use (keep forgetting to bring it in the shower- doh!) It smells soooo good. Pal, I am also ADDICTED to exfoliating soap which I have to special order online. That is so funny. Mine has a more earthy/cinnamony/almond oil scent so I am looking forward to a refreshing change. Everything in my box reminded me of spring! Lastly I got a division of astrantia which is one of my most wanted plants ever. All the seeds I've sown have never grown. Thank you so much!!!!

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I received an awesome box today from my new Pal!
I enjoy anything to do with birds/nature, crafts, etc, and somehow my Pal must know that because She sent a custom made box! ;) I really loved everything...
A really adorable tin birdhouse, plus a suet cake, seeds-Pepper, Ponderosa Pink tomato, yellow squash, Kentucky wonder green bean, beets, heirloom peas. Plus a box of yummy apple candles (votives), and 6 gardening/plant magazines, "Sea Holly" plant.

I'm really pleased with my new Pal, Tina, thanks for pairing me up with such a fantastic Pal!


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Deb - I am happy that you finally have a wonderful partner!

missspoiled25 has been dropped from this RR due to not sending her packages for 2 months now and not posting or contacting me concerning this.

Amy, you have a new pal sending to you.

So far, 2 boxes have to be made up for Deb and 2 boxes have to be made up for amy.
I hate to ask this, but I am in such a bind right now, I am so very sorry.
Can anyone volunteer to help make up these boxes for these two gals? I have promised Deb for 2 months now to replace her missing boxes, and I am just not in any position to do so and I feel just horrible. Deb I am so sorry.
amy, I am so sorry that I didn't notice that you was being left out as well.
If anyone can help with this, I would be eternally greatful, and will make this up to you in the future before this swap ends.


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I would be happy to help by sending a box! Just e-mail me details and consider it done.

It makes me sad that some people just can't play nice. This is such a wonderful opportunity to make new friends -- they just don't know what they're missing.

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bogartbaby(z8 SC)

Hey Tina, I will take care of Deb's two boxes if you can e-mail me her address and info.
BTW have you heard anything about my Pal? Is she still in this exchange robin? So far I have received a box for June.
I would also like to say I'm sorry to my Pal for being late on my August box, mailed it today! This has been a crazy month!!!

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Tina, I'm sorry to be so confused I did receive from Misspoiled in June but not in July. Amy

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I mailed my August pkg out on Wednesday. USPS tracking 0306 0320 0005 0615 8702.


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I received my aug box yesterday. In it was a very pretty feeder, yucca seedling and 3 packs of seeds.
Thank you pal!


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I received a very special box from my pal for August. Sunflower bath salts and sunflower lotion. A maltese cross plant which will be beautiful in bloom. A yummy box of ingredients for homemade bread. A wonderful southern living garden magazine. Thank you pal, I love everything. Amy

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bogartbaby(z8 SC)

I received my July box yesterday. Thank you pal for being so thoughtful. I loved everything and so did my furkids.
There was a play mouse and meow mix for Bogartbaby and a bag of doggie treats for the rest of the gang. A nut and fruit seed bell for the birds outside,6 packs of seeds,2 candles, one was shaped like a flower and smelled wonderful, some garden gloves(one can never have enough gloves), a cute little teddy bear, flower pot tomato and a hosta"Sherman"(looks great, you sure know how to pack a plant),Anti bacterial hand gel(purse size) I always have one on hand,Avon-SSS hand mask(can't wait to try this),stained glass wind chime with a hummingbird on top,(hanging on my front porch already)and the most beautiful cross stitched kitchen towel and book mark(garden theme). You are very talented.We(my four legged kids and I)thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you will be blessed with everything good that life has to offer.

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

i received my box as well..

frillaria bulbs, nectaroscordum bulbs,magnetic shopping list pad,houseplant food tablets,cookie dough bites,butterfly windsock,3 jellies,and a wonderful garden bag.

for my daughter--glue, glue stickscrayons,scissors,dairy set
thanks you pal for such a wonderful box..we had so much fun looking through it..

--ps to my pal..i haven't gotten your box out yet. it seem i am sending you another box in another swap.so i am combining them in one. hope that is ok. i am working on it now..sorry to be so late, i am now on 3rd shift and getting ready to change shifts again. so i am not adjusting very well..lol erica

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