Most Fragrant Honeysuckle???

kcmojoe(6)April 22, 2008

I am looking for the most fragrant honeysuckle you all know of. any suggestionis?

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The most fragrant honeysuckle I know of is the weed that my neighbor planted on the back fence of my yard.
The weed.
The weed that kills plants, and that my smokebush is right in front of.
I prune the honeysuckle whenever it reaches out for my bush.
I have to or it will strangle it.
I love the japanese honeysuckle though.
The smell is so heavenly that I will trim it every day if I have to.
I planted 2 domestic honeysuckles, which have orange and yellow blooms, but no smell at all.
If you have the time and patience, plant the japanese honeysuckle, (everyone who reads this is going to scream NONOOOOO), if you don't, choose another vine, the other honeysuckles don't smell strong at all.By the way, did I mention I DID NOT plant this honeysuckle, it is on my neighbors fence, so I can't remove it.
Good Luck!

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Japanese honeysuckle grows 18' into trees, destroying the understory of forests and heavily wooded areas. The roots grow laterally under the soil for at least 8 feet. If it's allowed to flower because "people like the scent" it then produces seed, birds will eat the seed and deposit it in wooded areas, along fence rows, etc., extensively spreading the vine. Coral honeysuckle is a great honeysuckle as it is a huge attractant to hummingbirds and it's also a very beautiful, flowering vine.

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Coral honeysuckle does not have a fragrance.
I have 2 of them.
If you want to plant a honeysuckle around your patio though, it may be a good choice for you.
You don't want the number of bees near your patio that the fragrant honeysuckle will bring, you may end up with stings.
Morning Glory is pretty and grows fast, no frangrance though, which is what your question was.
GOod Luck!
Congrats on your home!

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I agree that the "weedy" honeysuckle is the most fragrant and also invasive. If you can keep it somewhere and control it, including cutting off the spent blooms it should be manageable but that's a pain in the ... I have a couple red varieties, including a native one that are just beautiful but not fragrant. If you have a sheltered spot you might be able to grow Jasminum officinale which has a nice scent.

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JMC1(z5 NH)

Yes, I know it's invasive! But I sure do love my Japanese honeysuckle. Couldn't get rid of it so years ago I gave in and let it climb the chain link fence. It most decidedly must be kept in check. But OH the smell is heavenly! Would I give it up? No way! Hummers love it. Also have the coral and Dropmore Scarlet but still love my smelly one the best.There is also a swamp honeysuckle that's a bush and quite fragrant. Jan Z5-NH

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

My neighbor planted it too and it has taken over areas of my azaleas and a few other shrubs. I love the way it smells, but it is incredibly invasive. I am forever pulling up volunteers.I have the coral honeysuckle too and it is almost disappointing in its lack of fragrance. My advice would be to plant it and then watch it like you would kudzu, they seem to be equally invasive.
I am still partial though.. for fragrance, there is nothing like it in the world.

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There are two beautifully fragrant honeysuckles that flower in mid-winter - Lonicera fragrantissima (well, you can tell by the name) and L. standishii.

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Is this coral honeysuckle? I've been told it is but when I Google it, It didn't look the same to me?

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