Starter worms

pepper_rancherMay 3, 2009

Hello everyone!

I am ready to get started with a bin of my own, but I dont know where to get the Eisenia foetida worms from... I am looking to start with 1,000+.

Anybody trade them here on gardenweb? I am willing to trade some live pepper plants or whatever is fair.

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First, check out and see if there is anyone listed there who lives near you. You could try FreeCycle or Craig's list.

If you can't find worms from one of these sources, there are web sites where you can buy worms on-line. You should look for a reputable source that is not far from your home. The less time the worms spend in transit, the healthier they will be when they arrive.

If we know where you live, it may be easier to suggest a source.

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Im in Montogmery Alabama, 36117 zipcode...

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