Blue Moon Wisteria growing over pergola, pruning??

fruitmaven.WIz5(5)April 5, 2012


I planted a Blue Moon Wisteria vine last summer at the base of my 16'x14' pergola. It has two vines growing from the base (each about 3-4' tall), and I want to know how to train it. Should I cut one of the stems off, and let just one reach the top of the pergola? Should I twine the two stems around each other? Would that kill them? I know the wisteria gets thick, woody stems and the Blue Moon should be plenty hardy in zone 5. Please let me know!

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I'm still learning about Wisteria myself, so I can't answer most of your questions with any real certainty. But that said, I think you would be fine to twine the stems, if that's what you want to do.

I'm learning about how to train them into a Tree form, as I'm thinking of trying it. Often those stems are twined around each other - sometimes using more than one variety/color to make an even more interesting and lovely show when they flower. They grow together like this, eventually forming a self-supporting "trunk". There are many pictures on Google Images. The vines seem to gain strength from this rather than harm.

They seem very vigorous and hardy vines, tough to kill.

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