Bear Claw Tomato

bigpinksMay 20, 2012

Anyone else growing it this yr? Big thread on a another forum about this variety. My neighbor gave me eight plants and I am going to save some seed. His last yr were big and beautiful but I have yet to taste them. They are very similar to Estlers Mortgage Lifter which is my favorite cultivar so far. I love the pinks.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

YEs, there is a very long thread about Bear Claw elsewhere but if anyone mentions another message site or links to a thread from another site, last I knew they could be banned from GW. I've asked to confirm that twice and never got a response so I don't link to or mention other message sites here at GW

You read what I said in that other thread and there are many large pink RL varieties I'd grow before I'd grow Bear Claw again. it was first SSE listed in 1984 so has been around quite a while
And I do think the Estler Mortgage Lifter is better than most of the other ML strains, but I'm not so sure it's similar to Bear Claw.

I mean maybe for you but not for me. LOL


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You are right about it not resembling EML that much. I am growing BC this yr and they are more beefsteak shaped and they are huge and wonderful. And prolific. I like the taste a lot too. So is it a Quisenberry tomato or not? Confused on that issue.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I Googled the images. It looks very nice.
How about production and taste ? (just give me your personal opinion, plz.)
I want to grow a beef steak type with avrge. taste and better than avrge. production. So far from Hudson's report I am hooked on Brandy Boy. Too late for this season though. :-(

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Taste is very good. For a tomato that gets to 40 oz in my garden I would say very prolific. Some of the bottom clusters had three tomatoes all over a pound. I broadcast lots of 6-12-12 when I tilled and then again about 4 weeks later.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Thanks bigpins

Now I have seeds both for Bear Claw and Brandy Boy. I will plant them both this year. Other than Ananas Noire and Cherokee Purple, I have no REAL BeefSteakd favorite so far. I hope that Bear Claw and Brandy Boy settle the case for me this season.


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