Mandevilla - Alice du Pont: Overwintering problem

chester_grant(6)April 7, 2009

I have kept my Mandevilla going OK all winter, along with some New Guinea impatiens.

I am about to put this plant outside again: I have noticed on some of the junctions - where branches occur - there is white fluffy sticky stuff. Doesnt look good. What might it be and whats the treatment?

Also if this thing survives the above, would this plant be better in full sun or part shade? I have seen some growing well in very sunny spots.

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Sounds like mealy bugs or soft scale. You need to get rid of them and make sure any of your other plants aren't infested. I don't use insecticides and rely on strong spraying with a hose (often) and carefully wiping the plants with cotton balls dipped in very diluted rubbing alcohol. There's plenty of insecticides if you decide to go that route. I think it's still too cold in your zone to keep a mandevilla outside. When it's warm enough to go out slowly acclimate it to full sun.

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