kimberlysc(z7 SC)April 8, 2009

Hello, is anyone familar with crossvines? I purchased 2 about 3 years ago and put them against my fence. I lost both this year. I don't know if it was the cold, snow, etc.

I live in upstate SC. Do they even do well in this area?

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It does great in the fact, you may see a few in trees along the road if you keep your eyes open...I see it on occasion driving between Charlotte and Greenwood. Also see it a lot on golf courses around the upstate. I've recommended it to lots of friends and they've all been very happy with it, using it in various garden settings (my favorite was on an arbor outside the master bedroom...arbor over a sllightly raised cedar deck...fully covered the arbor in 3 years...really beautiful with the hanging dark green foliage and even better in full created a shady grotto effect for great naps in the hammock...sorry for the tangent). Back to the's typically very tough, adaptable, and reliable, even with a little neglect. One of my favorite vines...I prefer it a lot over the over-used carolina jessamine. Not sure why yours died...not enough info. But it shouldn't have been affected by this year's cold.

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Don't be impatient - give it a couple of weeks. Mine are just 'fluffing up', and I live in zone 8b.

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kimberlysc(z7 SC)

Thank you both for your responses. I have no idea why this happened. Right now all the vines look like is a stick with no leaves on it. Looks very dead. My mom told me to try and scrape off some of the bark and see if it is green, does this seem feasible? I'm assuming if we have green the vine is still alive, if not it's dead.

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Cross Vines are almost ready to burst in our area. I'd always wanted one, purchased one, and found one on the roadside, so reached up, and pulled a lot down. Hope it roots as I'd rather have the wild one.

My husband cut an old telephone pole in half, today, and sank them to make a tall trellis using American wire for one of the vines.

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Kimberly, my cross vine is several years old and doing great. When I planted it, I kept it watered till the roots where estabished...since then no care has been given...not even fertilize. It's in full bloom and have found that the hummingbirds love the blooms.I have enjoyed a fantastic show of blooms every year.Will get a picture and post it tomarrow so you can see for yourself.Just wish I had put mine on an arbor when I first bought it from a local nursery....but.You said you bought 3 plants so I assume you still have the 1. GL with it and look for my pic....will get it posted ASAP

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Where can I purchase crossvines? I live in the middle Georgia area and cannot find them at any nearby nurseries.

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