Planted a cypress, grew a mystery! Help?

kricketteApril 26, 2011

My mom and I both had multicolor cypress vine growing last year, and I collected a ton of of seeds and froze them. I planted them this spring, and I now have vines, but...not what I was expecting. The leaves are no where near as whispy as cypress vine normally is, and it's growing much more aggressively than I remember (it's currently got a foot of growth above the lattice and it's headed towards my house, some is already laced in my shutters). Can anyone tell me what type of vine this is? Is it a weird mutation of a cypress? No blooms yet, the red flowers in the picture are petunia that my neighbor gave me, I had no room for them anywhere else so I threw them in when I planted my seeds.

Any clue what this could be?

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Your leaves appear to be Ipomoea sloteri

I hope you post your photos - especially if they are any color other than Red.

Here is information from Ron who posted about Ipomoea sloteri on another site

This interesting species was first created by successfully hybridizing Ipomoea coccinea and Ipomoea quamoclit,thus creating the new species of Ipomoea x multifida which when it had become fully stabilized after several generations was given the updated binomial of Ipomoea sloteri =an allotetraploid derived from Ipomoea x multifida..
The new species shows a flower most like the I.coccinea,sepals most like Ipomoea quamoclit,but with a new leaf shape with divided foliage like the I.quamoclit,but with the overall heart shape(!) of the Ipomoea coccinea.

Here is information and photos of Cypress Vine Ipomoea quamoclit

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May I ask WHY you FROZE your seeds???

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