Corylus Contorta aka: Contorted Filbert

J. Chasens DesignMarch 6, 2013

I recently succumbed to love at first sight and bought a couple of these but I am now paralyzed with the thought that this will go the same way my mothers experience with growing peonies in Dallas went. Love does not equal success.

They are 10gal. container grown and the trees themselves are approx. 4ft. tall. We have multiple choices as far as locations to plant them and could even just move them to larger planters for optimal placement if that is recommended. I just know that 'full sun' on an information tag DOES NOT mean Dallas sun. Help me please!! Have I lost my heart only to have it broken?

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I live in Grapevine and have had mine planted in a semi-shady bed a few feet to the north of my house for about 8 years, and it is doing well. It is about 6 feet tall now, and the base of the trunk is getting rather stout.

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