generozApril 21, 2014

Hello All. I have a large Pergola covered with Wisteria. The Wisteria is so large and heavy it is destroying the Pergola. Before giving it an electric haircut I thought I would ask some real plant & garden type people what I should do. BTW, it only produces a few flower clusters every spring. I see Wisteria out in the wild just covered in blooms. How should I reduce volume and get it to bloom? Thank you in advance

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I always prune my wisteria's to keep them in control. I do once it winter and once in summer after blooming. The below link has insturctions for pruning wisteria. I basically do what pruning suggestions they have given there and my wisterias bloom a lot in May/June.

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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

I have a question about pruning wisteria, too, though my problem is quite different. Mine are all young plants,and I want to encourage them to get big fast! but one, a "Prolific" that I got several years ago, seems to be going very slowly,possible because the place where I planted it has overly thin,poor soil. This year I improved the soil a bit, and it bloomed beautifully,but still, after 6 years or so, it's only about 6 feet tall,and I was hoping to grow it up into a tree! So I would like to increase volume, but have it bloom anyway...any thoughts?

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