grape vine pruning - too late?

map1eApril 10, 2007

Hello everyone,

It's my first year pruning my grape vines. They look to be a few years old, with the trunk about 1 cm thick.

I pruned them in the winter, but I think I haven't pruned them enough. Now, the sap's started runningn and leaves have just started to come out. Do I have to wait until next winter to prune again, or can I take a bit more off sooner?

I also have a problem about what shape they should. The grape vines are growing against a wall. Right now, they're about 2 metres/yards high with some main horizontal, metre-long branches coming off at various heights. Looking at my books, it doesn't seem to correspond with any recommended forms...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!!!


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This may help you with pruning grapes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grapevine Pruning

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