The amaryllis bulb-exposed idea

gardenper(8)March 17, 2014

Normally, I plant the entire amaryllis bulb in the ground. The only part that will show are the green leaves once they start growing in the spring.

However, this year, I read about the actual preferred way of planting amaryllis bulbs, which is that part of the bulb (as much as the top 1/3) should be exposed when planting. So I planted a few this way also, just about 2-3 weeks before an unexpected cold front/ice storm came through the area, pretty much all those bulbs are soft now (as if they are rotting).

I know that care should be taken when ice/snow comes but I had not previously lost any bulbs to ice/snow before without doing anything to protect them, so I treated this group the same also. I wonder how others plant their bulbs and do you protect them with plant blankets on particularly cold times, or maybe I was unlucky with this batch.

Some of the amaryllis bulbs lost their flower stalk or even what would be the stalk began to die in the bulb (before even fully making it out). Besides that, the remaining bulbs that may not have been making a stalk yet, are also soft and mushy. I don't think they will recover or if they do, it is probably a weakened plant for this year.

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I've always buried the whole bulb so that the top is just barely under the soil. I don't give them any special care with mulch for the winter. I do notice that some seem to raise up on their own over time.

If I'm mulching something else nearby I might mulch them too, but make no special effort to do so.

I'm not big on gathering or raking leaves either. So some of mine might get some mulch provided by Mother Nature.

I hope yours dry out and then bounce right back.

What do you think about lifting them and potting them up to give them a better chance?
Our spring rains may be too much for them to over come (since they are already so soft) but in a loose well draining potting mix I would think they'd have a better chance at recovering.

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I obtained a couple of the Homestead variety several years ago from Southern Bulb. As I recall, the instructions specified that the bulb was to be buried up to the neck. A little leafy debris is all the mulch they get.

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I have a bit of an amaryllis problem and buy way too many every year. Then I wander through the yard sticking bulbs in the ground. I do nothing to them. They usually do not bloom the first year after I put them in, adjusting I guess.
You can try digging them up and cutting off any mushy parts, but if the whole bulb is mushy they are goners. Sorry.
Tally HO!

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you might dig them out and cut off the mushy part then dust in sulphur or just hope for the best. A bulb can grow from a piece of a bulb in a few years. Sorry this happened. c

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After reading some responses, I eventually remembered that I had seen some videos about cutting an amaryllis bulb into sections to make new plants. Normally I did not want to do that with my good bulbs but this might give an opportunity to try that method with these bulbs.


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