Help ID this vine please!

mangomoonApril 2, 2012

Does anyone know what this vine is called and if it is perennial or annual? In the several years I have lived here I have never seen this vine sprout until this year. I compared it to a jasmine plant a neighbor has because the vine/leaves are almost identical, but when side by side, it wasn't the same plant.

I just want to know in case it is a weed I can get rid of it!

BTW, it attaches itself to the fence with tendrils as you may be able to notice in the pic.

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It could be red trumpet Honeysuckle - mine has similar leaves. Do a search and compare the leaves.

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I am pretty sure it is one of the clematis. If you look at the pic posted you will see it does not have tendrils to hold it self to the fence but it instead uses its leaf stems to rap and hold with. This is how clematis climb. It may be one of the wild species or could be a seedling of a cultivar from someones yard near you. Many clematis seeds have a fuzzy feathered arm to its seed which allows it to be blown around or a bird may grab it for its nest. Hope this helps and there are several that have similar leaf type and structure to what you are showing.

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None of my Honeysuckle vines use 'tendrils' to hold on to anything - they just twine.

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