What is the fastest growing vine?

beaconlaneApril 22, 2007

I am desperately seeking to plant the fastest-growing vine I can get my green thumb on (privacy issues). I'm in northern Virginia. From the internet, I see that mile-a-minute plant is really fast-growing, but is considered an invasive species in some states. Even so, I would like to obtain this or another such vine -- I am able to give it the time and attention to not let the vine get out of hand. Quick-growing is almost my sole criterion -- I want to get this vine growing asap. Suggestions are very much welcome, and if folks can let me know where to buy what they might suggest, I would be even more appreciative. Thanks very much!

- Mary in Falls Church

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Mary, try maypop, passiflora incarnata. It grows to over 13 feet in a season in zone 6 and although you'll be pulling it up everywhere I don't think it's the problem that kudzu is. But check with your local agri extension for sure.

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Siver lace vine. Filix

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Well, for fast, its gotta be kudzu!
Moonvine, or a lot of the ipomea family grow fast for me. They die back in the winter though.

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Will Virginia Creeper cling to cement wall without support >

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I would think that if it doesn't stick to the concrete, you might be able to put a couple masonry nails in a few feet up and run fishing line up to them. Being a home builder, I would not think the nails would do any damage as long as the wall is thicker than the length of the nail.

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Don't grow Mile a Minute. It's horribly invasive and will reseed everywhere. It will rip the skin off your hands if you grab it without gloves by accident. It also hurts like he11 if you step on it with bare feet.

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Wysteria - if you have a lot of sun. But men tend to hate this lovely plant. The flowers are graceful, the attar is sweet, they require no maintenance and little water, and the more you cut them back the more they bloom.

They will work their way into gutters and even into a bedroom window. But who cares?

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And BTW - hummingbirds love wysteria!

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Grapes -- with LOTS of coverage. Unfortunately, they are not evergreen. The grape vines in my yard look pretty much dead most of the year, and then mid-summer, they completely dwarf everything around them (including my entire 4 car garage.)

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Vines are like every other plant. Their growth rate is dependent on your choosing the right plant for the conditions you have. Will it be in sun or shade? What will support the vine? By the way, those home owner associations often have restriction on planting invasives. Especially in the DC area where people are in love with following the rules (I lived there for 15 years). Do you live in an area with home owner covenants?

Also, vines don't create large amounts of top growth until their roots are established. Even kudzu won't go on the offensive until it has enough roots established to support the top growth. Right now, you would be planting in the fall. The roots will make modest growth over the Winter but not enough to allow for skinny dips in the hot tub next Spring. Most will lose all leaves from frost until the weather warms up. Vines that are evergreen or semi-evergreen south of your location will be deciduous in DC; Akebia is a good example. Can you give us more info on the privacy issue? You may do better starting with lattice panels or shrubs.

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Mile-a-minute-vine. Lol. I don't think anyone would intentionally want to plant it though.

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Just a very big thank-you for all of the responses to this thread -- I got lots of great ideas on fast-growing vines, and I thank you all!! Gardenweb is great. :) - Mary

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watermelon7(9 - 10)

Do not use kudzu! Try something like climbing nasturtiums or baby's breath.

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