Jasmine - Jasminium Polyanthum in North Central Texas?

granburyflowergirl(7)March 25, 2012

Has anyone had experience with this plant either in ground or in a pot? I am considering planting it outdoors and wondering if it will handle our climate.



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Its only hardy to zone 9.
I kept one in a large pot for several years. It never did bloom quite as nice after the first 2 years. It did grow like there was no tomorrow though!

I finally decided it was more trouble to drag it in and out every year than the joy it provided. It got too large for the pot and trellis, with little blooming so I let it go.

It will love our summers, but not the winter.
If we have a really mild winter and you mulch it, it might survive but probably not bloom again since it will have to start all over again since it will die back to the ground.

If you are young enough and strong enough you might think it worth dragging the huge pot in and out every year.

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Bummer, I guess it's just a nice annual for me then (my dragging days are so OVER)

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Sorry to hear that grandburyflowergirl.

If its still small you might be able to get a few years out of it though. Smaller pots are a lot easier to drag in and out. :)

When its time for the big pot that's when you can let it go. Until then, enjoy it!

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