How to set up support wires on a stucco surface?

newgen(9 Central California)April 28, 2010


The front walls of my house has stucco, I don't know how to prepare it for vines to climb. If I use some C-hook screws do I need to make a pilot hole first? The stucco seems to shed when I run my hand against it, so I'm not sure what's underneath it, seems pretty fragile. Is there mortar under the stucco? I've drilled into bricks, paver stone, wood, metal,.. but never stucco. Also, what type of wire should I use? Metal, plastic, nylon (fishing line)? And how should I hang the wires? In squares, or diagonals, which arrangement is best for vines?


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I would ask at a hardware store, or even contact someone familiar with stucco ( look for stucco repair or installation on the web or phone book).
You can construct a grid using the hooks and wire. I believe there is stainless steel wire available.

Here is another site:

Here is a link that might be useful: one suggestion

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Stucco has 3 diffrent layers, if you secure anything to the stucco, it would have to be with a cement drill and anchor. If you wanted to ever remove it, then you would need to be sure to get the exact same color of stucco, which can be alittle hard its like matching bricks. You might just want to do what I do. I buy 10ft sections of bull wire, from a tractor supply store, it can be cut with strong wire cutters, to whatever lenght you want. I have 5 ft height. I put it in front of the stucco, and secure it with steel drive post into the ground. Its not going anywhere. Once the vines start to grow, its perfect. You would need to have a trailer to bring the wire home, it will not bend. I even use this in the middle of my yard, in flowerbeds, its great and no maintance. Barbra

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