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cateyanne(zone 5/6 Northern Ohio)April 15, 2008

I read in a post here a while back in which someone was referring to an ivy that would grow enough in one season, to cover an unsightly view through a chain link fence.

I can't find the post, but have this problem and am very interested in finding which ivy and if it's a good one for my area.

I've got a neighbor who's backyard butts up to mine. the only thing separating us is a chain link fence. They are using their side of the fence as a place to dump every bit of yard waste, including tons of grass clippings from their frequently overgrown lawn. It is creating a nasty looking spot for me as well as a place for huge weeds to grow unchecked by them.

I thought if I could grow a nice solid wall of ivy it would look great and I wouldn't have to get angry every time i look out my back window.

i do have a large flower garden at one end of this fence line and am a little worried about an ivy choking out my bed, I have heard they are vigorous growers. Will simple trimming keep this in check?

This may seem silly but does ivy keep it's leaves in winter?

Any ivy experts here?

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Yes it is evergreen however how do you propose to contain it from entering your neighbors garden? That is a problem and yes you must prune it in the fall to prevent it from invading your flower garden. You must be careful or suffer the consequences. It loves a mosit soil so amend your soil accordingly. Unfortunatley I have a neighbor similar to you however nothing will grow as high to protect me from their junkyard, except code enforcement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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cateyanne(zone 5/6 Northern Ohio)

Thanks bullthistle,
Normally I would be very concerned about invading the neighbors domain, I have always tried to treat neighbors as I have wanted to be treated. But I have tried everything with this neighbor. We have reminded them when "free" yard waste removal is in our area, so they could get rid of it free of charge. We have even offered to haul it with ours on those free days. We have tried spraying weed killer on the larger (4ft) tall weeds, even though I try to keep my yard chemical free. we have hacked away at the ones we can reach from our side and asked if we could come on their side of the fence to hack away from there. Nothing seems to get through to them and still the pile grows and now there is a very invasive "wild morning glory" that is growing in this pile that really chokes out anything it touches. I pull it out whenever I see any but it's a constant battle. I'm hoping I can grow something that chokes out their weeds, covers up their yard waste, doesn't loose it's leaves in the winter and looks nice from my yard without messing up the garden I have planted.
I tall order I guess, any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. fencing the area would be my dream, but that would be too expensive.

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