Vines for ultra sunny wall

patiogarden200April 20, 2014

A wall of my patio is bare, and I can not seem to grow anything on it. I think it may be because it gets too much sun, it has sun in the morning, and all through the afternoon.

I've tried several meyer lemon trees, creeping fig, and now a jasmine vine (the light pink one). Everything burns, even if I keep it watered. Ideally, I'd like something that can trellis or climb on it's own, is evergreen, and grows quickly. Oh, and can be grown in a container.

Any suggestions one what would work? I'm thinking the wall might be reflecting light and amplifying it (it's a light beige, and I can't paint it)I know the standard potato vine suggestion, but I'm not sure that is any more hardy than the jasmine? What about a climbing rose?

I'm in hardiness zone 8B

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i have a Carolina Jasmine (yellow flowers) growing on a south facing fence. it grows moderately in full sun in 96-100'F summers.

i have two native honeysuckles on the same fence, they grow somewhat slowly.

and i also have a Japanese honeysuckle which grows like a weed, even over the hot concrete driveway. it is an invasive species, but it'll thrive in very hot conditions, and the flowers are very fragrant/sweet.

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