LF Double Blue Picotee Morning Glory

leoakApril 19, 2013

My mom loves Morning Glories and when I saw the picture of the Double Picotee Morning Glory, I wanted to get it for her for Mother's Day. I've been looking online for a seller, but I'm not sure where to buy the seeds. There is an amazon seller that has a listing, but many of the reviews say they didn't get the pictured plant and instead received some of the more generic/wild blue Morning Glories. There are also ebay sellers with seeds, but since it's ebay, I might not get the plant I was expecting. Anyone know of a reliable seller who sells genuine Double Pictoee Morning Glories like the one pictured?

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The photo you posted is what I would term a 'picture perfect marketing photo ' example , and frankly most doubles will not consistently produce a flower that looks like that...it amounts to false advertising and misrepresentation in my honest opinion.

The Ipomoea nil shown is an example of where the pistil and the stamen turn into 'regular flower petals' and when this occurs the stigma and anthers are unable to function as reproductive organs , hence no seeds can be produced...
So , there is always going to be a certain graded percentage of the repro parts turning partially or fully into non-functioning repro parts...the various gradations will be more or less developed , geometrically aligned / visually appealing and if there weren't the various degrees of intermediate blooms produced , then there could be no seeds produced...

I have never encountered a strain that will consistently produce a flower that looks like the one you posted...just isn't in the realm of reality...and , so I could not recommend any suppliers who purportedly 'have' what doesn't really exist...

Hope that helps to understand the nature of the double Ipomoea nil.



P.S. What does the LF in your description represent (?)...Looking for (?)

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LF=âÂÂLooking ForâÂÂ?

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ponyexpress - Could you please clarify your purpose in posting a merchant link that shows the same exact (and that is exact down to the little pinkish spotted imperfections in the same exact place (!) located in the photo that leok posted (?)

Did you read all the posts in this thread (?)...just curious...

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