Help Finding This Morning Glory

KuronekoTsukinoApril 3, 2012

About 10 years ago when I lived at my old house I grew a morning glory that looked like the "Milky Way" morning glory except it was all dark purple with white 'stars'. When I started gardening again, I was unable to find it. I don't even remember where we bought the seeds, but it was from one of the major seed catalogs.

I really miss this morning glory since I loved growing it with the Milky Way morning glory giving my garden a sort of Ying and Yang look with the two types growing together.


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Was it Star of Yelta?

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Several of the Youjiro varieties of Ipomoea nil have dark backgrounds with white stars. Their names more often than not include the word Fuji.

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Beach of Milky Way, maybe? That one has big flowers with dark blue/purple and white stripes.

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