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kek19May 7, 2007

You'd think they'd put this info on the seed packets. I've been looking around and seeing people talk about how big toms get. I've only grown one single tom that I bought from a store a few years ago, it didn't get very big. This year I started a bunch from seeds. Now I'm wondering about their heights. Can anyone tell me what to expect from these varieties in zone 5.


-Rutgers Select

-Yellow Pear


-Cherry- spacesaver



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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

They really can't tell you on the seed packet because there are many more variables other than zone - pruned or not, weather, soil conditions, fertilization/feeding program used, caged or staked, sun exposure, spacing, diseases, etc. just to name a few. Any 20 of us could all grow the same variety and you'd likely get at least 15 different heights.

All you can go by is the general rule of thumb - indeterminate varieties average 6-8 feet but can go as high as 10 or even more if you want to stake them that high and keep them going. Determinate varieties average 3-4 feet, some will make 5 feet. So if height space is a problem then stick with determinates or plan to let the indeterminates just flop over at the top of whatever support you can use. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, but how do I know which are what? I can assume from what I was able to find in the FAQ and other internet sites that my cherry tom, spacesaver, is a Determinate, and the rest are Indeterminate? Does that sound right?

3 of the seeds I bought, 2 were given to me, none say anything either way. You know, I have never seen a tom bigger than waist high. I guess everyone I know that has grown toms must use the determinates?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hmmm, usually the det/indet. is on the packet but sometimes it may say something like "compact bush" meaning determinate but seeds from friends with out the real name are hard to determine unless they can tell you.

But if you have the real name of the variety any seed catalog that carries them will tell you or you can always Google each by name and find out which it is from any of the seed companies.

Rutgers Select is determinate.

Most all "Grapes" types are indeterminate but there are several different varieties of so-called "grape" tomatoes. So you'd need the full name to know for sure. I'd bet on indeterminate.

99% of cherry tomatoes are indeterminates but I can't find anything with the name "Spacesaver Cherry" so can only assume from the name that it is a determinate or some sort of compact hybrid.

Delicious and Yellow Pear are both indeterminate.

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Unfortunantly the grape tom seeds came from someone on garden web, and that's all they say. I guess I'll find out won't I!

The spacesaver is a compact bush, says it grows 2'-4'. That's the only one w/ height info, so I don't know why I asked about it!

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

Consider most determinates 2.5 to 4 feet (generally around 3ft except some dwarf varieties that only get 18-24") and most indeterminates 5 to 7ft+, some even taller. This is just a range that may vary by variety and your methods of growing/watering/fertilizing and weather/length of growing season. Delicious, Rutgers (if the Indeterminate one) and Yellow Pear can easily exceed 6ft. Yellow Pear can get wide too, 3ft+.

Hope this helps.

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Indeterminates will get as high as your stakes or as high as you want to climb a ladder to tie them up. For myself, 6' is plenty high - after that they can start reaching for the adjacent pole or draping themselves down. I don't propose to risk life and limb trying to pick a tomato that has managed to work itself 8' up in the air.

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Holy cow, I really should've looked into this before I started all those seeds!! I just have never seen tomato plants so big. I'm starting to think I should plant my yellow pears in various places in the yard to act as temp. trees! (we dont have any trees yet) So riddle me this.... I have a spot prepared its roughly 8'x8' outside my bedroom window. It was a hill brought up for a hot tub, but the hot tub is long gone. I figured, its on the south side, has full sun all day, why not plant there. I was planning on doing toms and peppers there. How many and what kind of spacing do you guys recommend? I'm thinking I might ixna the yellow pears there and put them on the other side of the deck in there own spot. (btw only have 2 varieties of peppers)

Oh another quick question, can I plant onion sets around it? Or is that just asking for trouble?

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My Yellow Pears were insane! They got probably 8' high. My cages only went to 6'; when I tried to stack another on top it all fell down. And one bush will make 100s of little yellow pears. Of course you can prune it; just don't let it grow over a certain height.
Personally I've given up on cherry types- too prolific for me. (Hmm, maybe your "spacesaver" might be good...)
But then, Brandywines don't make enough. Maybe with the help of this list it will only take me another 2 years to find the best varieties for me. :)

You know, you'd probably only seen determinate varieties growing before. The first time I grew tomatoes from seed I was in high school. I was so proud the plants got taller than me, but they didn't set any more fruit than a short plant. (I have no idea what variety they were.)

Hmm, I guess my ideal tomato would get about 5 feet tall and be covered in delicious fruit. Any suggestions?


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My yellow pear were 13' last year. Trellis to 8' then draped over. This year trellis to 9 1/2' and will prune


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Once again, WOW! So I will plant one yellow pear LOL! Hopefully I can find some people who may want my extras. (I have 6 growing inside, and 2 containers that were wintersown! wasn't sure if they'd survive, so basically sowed the whole seed pack!) What kind of trellis do you recommend?

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