Public Apology To Suze62

dan_the_mailmanAugust 23, 2008

Well, sometimes we all have to eat a little crow and own up to making a mistake, and this week I made a doozy. I confused Suze62 with someone else, and gave her a bad review. I'll be making another entry in her rate-n-review as soon as I finish this apology.

Suze, you were right to call to my attention that you'd only been in one of my swaps this summer, and that you did get your recipients their boxes in time. I had confused you with someone else, and did you a disservice.

I humbly apologize for doing so.

It is my hope that we can move beyond my mistake. Again, I



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Well Dan I'm certainly guilty of a few mistakes my self...

Thank you apology accepted. I certainly do appreciate your honesty. A private apology would have been fine :)
Thanks again

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Dan, ya got something stuck in your teeth..

I think it's a feather!

sorry.. couldn't resist :P


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Hey Dan,
You might be able to contact GW and see if it can be removed, given the circumstances, they should do it.
I don't know how/who to contact, but if you check with chemocurlsue I'm sure she can help ya, she is the "resident busy body" LOL

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Post can be removed. I accidentally posted my own address on a thread by mistake (when I first signed up for my first swap). I contacted administration and they took off the post with in hours.


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Wendy I was going to post that too, but I thought under the circumstances it would be SO not a good thing...I am glad I wasn't the only one who wanted too...

SORRY DAN, but it's funny...

SUZI...see it's all good now... all better, do u feel better now too?
I hope so...

:) Fran

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I just contacted the powers that be and asked them to remove the posting. Thanks for letting me know we could do that!

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

See all fixed, sometimes apologies whether private or public make it all better in a situation such as this! You are a wonderful person Dan for stepping up and admitting an honest mistake, after all we're only human, right?... :) Wish there were more folks like you in the world! :)


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