Tomato cutting...will it grow?

Flying_V_GoddessMay 9, 2012

Hi. First time posting, but I've been getting advice on these forums for a few weeks now.

Third year starting plants from seeds and I've had such amazing results. But my plants got too big for the grow box I made so I had to build a new one. While putting the seedlings in the new box I broke off the top of the tomato plant. All the leaves were on this broken piece so the plant ended up dying.

Knowing that tomatoes will grow roots along their stem if they're buried I planted this broken piece in soil. And its actually begun to grow roots and it hasn't shriveled up. But I'm wondering if there's a good chance that it can grow into a full sized tomato plant or if I'm just wasting my time.

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Yup you just successfully cloned your old tomato plant (if it survives).

The plant will get just as big as it would from seed. Maybe even a bit bushier. I clone my tomatoes about mid season so i have some fresh tomatoes for late in the year.


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