Varigated Kiwi Vine, Arctic Beauty

sand_man(Z-6)April 1, 2008

Does anyone have experience with the "varigated Kiwi Vine, Arctic Beauty"? If so could you let me know how it has done for you? Also, is it fairly eqasy to control? I would appreciate any input. Thank you in advance.

Sand Man

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I have this kiwi. The male's foliage is more colorful but if you want fruit you need both sexes. It's not hard to control but does need a lot of space and a good support. This will be the third season that mine have been growing and I'm hoping that I get fruit this year. Even if it doesn't produce fruit the vine is worth growing for it's ornamental value.

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Thank you for your response.

I am growing this vine for the foliage - not the fruit. I have an eight foot high & twenty foot wide privacy wall. Do you think two of these plants placed about 6 feet apart would be too much - or just right in this situation. The plant can fall over the fence & cascade down. That would give it about 16 feet to travel vertically. What do ya think?

Have any of your leaves changed color for you?

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That distance sounds fine but it will probably take the better part of the year for them to fill in depending on the size of the plants that you start with. I honestly don't remember if the color changes in the fall. Make sure that you get male plants as they are the ones with the beautiful variegated leaves. The mature leaves on the male vines are pink, white and green.

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My male vine in container is dropping leaves and looks like it's dying. Any ideas what to do?

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