which vine to use???

tinkster(z6KY)April 6, 2010

I am in zone 6 and redoing the front of my home. I have a white brick. I would like to put two vines, one on each side of a long porch climbing up the brick but I dont want something that is gonna eat the house or ruin my brick just something for some visual height and summer color. I have some autumn clematis but they are babies so I dont know how invasion/big they would get?? I also have several smaller climbing hydrangaes that could still be moved. The area is mostly sun, and hot because of the surrounding concrete. Any suggestions muchly appreciated :)


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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

If it's mostly sunny, moving the climbing hydrangeas there isn't a good idea. Personally, I'd go with something with color rather than the white sweet autumn clematis against the white brick. Can you provide a structure for the vine to climb? How about climbing roses? I think they look gorgeous against brick. There are lots of options there in a range of colors. Trumpet honeysuckle(lonicera sempervirens, not the invasive Japanese honeysuckle) is another choice in a different range of colors (red, orange, yellow).

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Hi all. I am sure you've been asked this a million times but here I go. I live in the California Desert and I want to put a climbing vine on my fence line. We pretty much have sun all the time. It gets to be around 99 to 103 in the summer and 35 in the winter. I have read several of your post. I want something that grows fast doesn't have flowers because of bees and the dogs. I have nosey dogs. :)
Can not be a poisen plant. What can I use. Thank you

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