Vine on Pine

margez(9a)April 11, 2011

There is a huge long needled pine tree in my yard which shades most of my ground. I was thinking that a flowering vine growing in/on the pine tree would look nice. I am in zone 8b or 9a depending on the chart. Usually there is no snow where I live, and no hard freezes. This year we had both. Just last week it was 97 degrees at the first of the week, and it snowed on the weekend. Only in Arizona!

Could anyone suggest a vine for my tree. It would probably have to go in a pot due to the thick roots in the ground near the tree. I would prefer white, yellow, or light blue flowers. I have dogs, and I would want something non-poisonous in case they got past the barrier I will erect to protect the plant(s).

Thank you for your help.


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trumpet vine 'madam Galan' would work. Cape honeysuckle as well and possibly passion vine.

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