This is a rose question but..

pebble09(8)March 6, 2013

Hi all,

I saw blue girl rose at lowes yday and was impressed by the blue/lavender coloring but then I google every plant before I buy and found out it's more prone to black spot etc and not many people grow it around here.

This is a rose question but thought I'd put it to people here in central TX. What's a fav rose to grow here?

I am interested in heat/drought resistant,shrubs and climbers that dazzle with flowers for most of the year, shrubs or climbers, multipetal med to big flowers, not miniatures. But share whatever rose seems to go great here and impresses you.


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My favorite roses are Antique Roses from the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham. I have FJ Lindhiemer and Cecile Bruenner that do really well, repeat bloom all year and smell heavenly - I also just picked up a Belinda's Dream that I'm about to put in the ground - check them out!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Rose Emporium

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lou_texas(8a N Central TX)

Pebbles, there are just a few of my favorites that I consider bullet-proof. Lou

Mrs. B R Cant
Mrs. Dudley Cross
Belinda's Dream
Sallie Holmes (you can use this as a climber)
Archduke Charles

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I second Antique Rose Emporium. Actually any rose on its own roots will serve you better than a grafted one. Take a look at ARE's selections. I'm familiar with most of the ones Lou named and they'll all do well where you are. I also like Blush Noisette, Vinsent Godsif, Ole Blush, they are large, bloom a lot, and are easy to take care of.

How about spending some time on the Old Garden Rose forum, you can learn a lot there, and there are some Texans who post a lot.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Lou, that's a great list. I've grown them all. A couple more of my favorites would be Cramoisi Superieur,Climbing Pinkie, Eutin, Gruss An Aachen, Pink Gruss An Aachen, Thomas Affleck, Valentine. By the way, SDLM is otherwise known as Souvenir de la Malmaison; a great rose. Most of us use the initials rather than try to spell it.

Then there are the English Roses and Buck Roses. But those may be for later.

Here is a link that might be useful: A great place to research roses: HelpMeFind

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I"ll second Belinda's Dream and SDLM and wanted to mention another one that does well for me, Françis Dubreuil. I'm in North Texas, but maybe someone in central Texas grows it also.

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Thanks all...that's many varieties to research for me.

I do like the rose forum but I get distracted by the many rose pics etc from all over. :)

I have a oak tree that's not really dead but has a few green at the very top. Don't want to take it out, but its really arched over my back fence/stone wall. I want to grow a climber rose and train it along thearching oak tree. But the base of the oak tree is very shallow it terms of dirt and quickly runs into oak roots and rocks. Can I plant a climber in a pot and let the roots run out the bottom?


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I meant don't want to cut down the oak tree. I can't possibly take it out, its 16 feet tall and would be more if it didn't arch over.


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You should be able to do that. Get a BIG pot. You might consider Peggy Martin Rose. A neighbor has it trained over ther garage door and it literally drips it is so big.

I'll look for a link


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Here is the link. She has her own website! :+]

Here is a link that might be useful: Peggy martin rose

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o wow cynthia! peggy martin rose is awesome, comes with an awesome story as well!!

I already looked and ARE doesn't seem to have it. I am all gearing up to order some roses from there.


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Climbing Pinkie is very close in appearance and habit to Peggy Martin. At first it was thought to be the same rose, but Peggy's individual flowers are a little more double.

Here is a link that might be useful: Climbing Pinkie on HMF, be sure to click on 'photos'

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I'd figure the tree is a goner anyway & pile up soil around its base & plant the rose in the resulting "raised bed".

Best luck, & have fun!

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lou_texas(8a N Central TX)

Ruth, I too love Frances Dubreuil. I have two of them.

And Roselee, I also have Cramoisi and Louis Philippe, but neither has distinguished himself - yet. They're stil young, though. I expect good things from them this year.

And Pebbles, when I said 'bullet proof' that meant these roses do well in Texas, but only if they have plenty of water their first year. That's critical. So don't forget them midsummer. : o )

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

pebbles, you've almost got information overload here, but want to add Chamblee's in Tyler as a source for OGR's and Earthkind roses. Most of the OGR's and Earthkind roses will do well for you in Austin. Chamblee's probably has the Peggy Martin. All of their roses are own-root.

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Oh, simple, my immediate thought is Duchesse de Brabant. She is so beautiful, fragrant, fairly large blooms, continually blooming and oh so easy!!!! You can't miss with the Duchesse!!!

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Thank you all. I have enjoyed so much your suggestions and looking up the roses and thinking about where in my yard would I put them.

So far my garden has a knockout bush, a royal highness, a redgold and 5 other hybrid teas I bought and put in couple years back and didn't pay attention to the name of, various colors.

Haven't gotten around to ordering yet. Picked up 2 knock out trees from lowes the other day and then found mutabilis and double delight in HEB couple days back. HEB also had climbing pinkie but I think I'm hung up on peggy martin's story and they are too similar.

Now I need to put all of these in the ground before I buy more roses. :)

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

You do have info overload. Double Delight is a Hybrid Tea, and I do have it, it shouldn't even be compared to a belindas dream or mutabilis, and some of the others mentioned. it is not the bush, so to speak, that these others are. some great blooms, but quite different usage in the landscape. Too, I have Pinkie and Peggy Martin and see them differently as well. Pinkie just wants to get to about 8 to 10 feet max, where PM can get much larger. She seems to be a 'finer' growth in leaf and bloom for me too.

Duchesse de Brabant is a beauty and I just planted one at my folks home in central Texas, as it is a fast growing beauty. great rec on that.

I frequent both ARE and Chamblees, and if you can make the drive to either you can save on shipping and have tons of fun!! One thing I like about Chamblee's is they sell one gallons as well as two, and the one's are SO close in size yet half the price...8 or 9 bucks! and they have a great clearance rack with 3 and 5 dollar (or less) roses.

ARE, of course, has the nice gardens to wander and also sells perennials, which Chamblee's doesn't. So they are BOTH worth a weekend drive! IMHO!!!!

Enjoy, and yes, lots of texans on the rose forums. but here too, obviously!!

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Well I have to throw in my vote for Double Delight and Belinda's Dream.

I have both and they have outperformed all my other hybrid teas and shrub roses. Belinda's Dream requires little care (like the knockout roses), smells amazing, great long lasting cut roses, and huge blooms. Double Delight grows huge for me in South Texas, always has blooms on it with big flushes about once a month, strong spicy rose scent, big blooms, and little care. I don't have to spray my double delight for black spot, it even gets all its foliage wet if our sprinklers go off but our intense suns dries it off quick.

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