Please suggest an annual climber for an arbor...

coatfetish(z6 VA.)April 20, 2013

I posted this in the Annual forum because I didn't see this vine forum - so I'm giving it a try here, too!

Hi ~
I'm starting to make a new veggie garden bed, and at one end will be a metal arbor/arch I bought last year but never set up. Sorry I don't know how tall it is, but I'm guessing 9 or 10 feet. It's 7 feet wide (not that that matters for the climber - lol) and has a front-to-back depth of about a foot. I don't want a perennial like clematis, I was hoping to find an annual that won't over power it and that I can remove each fall as part of my fall clean-up. I have wild honeysuckle in the back yard that wants to take over the world! So sweet smelling, but such a nuisance - so I don't want trumpet flower, honeysuckle, etc, hence the hunt for an annual.

What do you think of morning glory? I've never tried to grow it, and none of my friends have either so I've never actually seen one. Would one on each side get tall enough to reach the top of the arch?

Any thoughts and ideas would be welcomed!

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Morning glories should cover your arbor. The thing with morning glories is that they will flower better in poor soil. Don't fertilize them much. I have grown them in the past, but I'm no expert on them. The morning glory I have seen that is the most floriferous, seems to be the heavenly blue. There may be others out there that flower just as profusely, but that is the one I always see around town that is just covered with blossoms. I am growing those this year to cover a chain link fence. Along with a few others.

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âÂÂPoor soilâ means don't go crazy with nitrogen fertilizers. The other nutrients are still very much needed by commonly grown morning glory species.

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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

Thank you! I have ordered Morning Glory seeds from an online auction and the seller has been very helpful in messaging me info. I mix my own soil blend and it includes certified organic compost, so I don't add liquid or granular fertilizers through the season. I guess if I get a lot of leaf growth and fewer blooms I might find out my mix is off - lol.

Thank you for your help : )

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I will be following in your footsteps in adding my own compost and worm poop tea to the containers. Be sure to post photos of your vines' flowers and leaves in the forum!

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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

I will post pics! I'm very excited about my two choices (Blue Eclipse and Ukigumo) and I'm getting very helpful detailed instructions to aid my potential success - lol

Fingers crossed that I will have nice pics to share : )

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