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nesting12April 5, 2009

I am so sorry in advance about what is probably a massively over-discussed issue, but when I click on past threads on this gardenweb tells me it can't find the messages.

So, here goes: In my TX backyard I have about a bazillion little and big trumpet vines. I honestly never noticed them before because the backyard was a mess of (other) invasive stuff, like hackberries and nandina. I took all of that junk out and will probably take most of the trumpet vine, too, but for now I just wonder: is there a reason why none of it is blooming? If I am going to have it, I would like to have flowers!

Is there any reason why it might not be flowering? Is it just too early? (I know that seems like a weird question to those of you who live in places with normal weather, but here we are finishing up our spring and getting ready to head into major summer-- so it is less likely for early April to be early here than most other places).


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If you are talking about Campsis radicans (orange trumpt vine) it can take several years to bloom and needs full sun. It's an extremely invasive vine but it is very pretty when in bloom. Good luck trying to get rid of it if you decide you don't want it. It's next to impossible to eradicate.

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Yes. I agree with karyn.
Trumpet vine has to mature and climb then bloom.
It will not bloom while young and on the ground.
When it climbs, tries to get a point where it can see a lot of sunshine. The seeds usually grow in deep shaded wood.
That is why in order to have a chance in life, the have to find something to cling on and climb, to see the sun, bloom, seed snd guarantee the survival of their specie.
That is the whole purpose of blooming and fruiting in the plant kingdom.

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