How many morning glories do I need?

jasminehearted(8)April 10, 2014

I hate when I buy a packet of seeds and the picture is so lush and beautiful and then I find out that I needed to plant 20 plants to achieve that look. I bought an iron trellis which I want to drip with morning glories like the picture I've attached.

I just transplanted 3 Star of Yelta morning glories in a sunny location next to a wire trellis 5.5" tall and 1.5" wide. They were grown in sponges so their roots weren't disturbed and we are free of frost here. I have about 4 more plants started inside, but I wanted to put those elsewhere.

Should I direct sow some extra plants to achieve this thick, lush look.

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As I rule for morning glory vines that are happy, one plant is enough is what I've been told. But because I'm an inpatient gardener, I change the rule to three. Though if you fertilize with a rich fertilizer like fish emulsion, one probably is enough with a second plant as backup for fullness. Kniola's Black is my favorite! The Star of Yelta in the photo is amazing.

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I have been planting around 6, but it tends to get bit chaotic. Still looks good, but probably less blooms.

So I am going to try 3 this year.

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Started with 1 pak. The next year, they took over.

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The blue MG in the photo looks like Heavenly Blue to me (Ipomoea tricolor), very nice healthy looking plants too.

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Thank you for your answers, the three I planted are starting to cling onto the finer starter trellis I installed at the bottom. It's supposed to get a little chilly one last time here with two nights at about 47 degrees. Hopefully they'll be ok and come summer produce a big show of purple flowers!

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Jasmine, how long did it take yours to get that size? In the photo above?

I started some Heavenly Blue from seed a month ago. It put them all over: in full sun, it part sun, in shadier areas. They germinated super fast but are slow growers. So far, they are mostly 4-5" - the ones that survived being eaten by pests or fried in the sun.

My best growing one is actually inside, in a 4" starter pot, with regular watering. Contrary to what it says on the packet and the internet, it's in moist Miracle Grow, as opposed to the dry, well draining soil outside. It was started at the same time, but in the last 5 days, it shot up at least 10"!

I want mine to do what yours are doing! :)

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That picture is from the internet Im afraid. Mine haven't done too well this year either with the temperamental weather. One plant is getting long and strong but all the others are stunted! What a pity.

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I was actually referring to the picture right above my comment, on the trellis. I don't want a huge amount, but a few decorative vines.

I strategically placed them in diff areas with slightly diff conditions, but nearly all of my outside MG seeds were eaten, or still look like short seedlings.

What are the conditions like for the one you say is long? Sun, shade? How much do you water?

My only long one is growing indoors! haha. It only started maturing past the seedling phase last week, and it's growing a few inches a day. I'm reluctant to transplant it outside, bc I don't wanna ruin it.

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I was just going to post the same question! I grew heavenly blue and some pink ones last year and I had at least 6 plants in each pot but they never really got that lush. This year I planted at least 12 seeds in each pot (about 3 feet wide) and they are reaching about 7 feet height now but not very lush either. The leaves are kinda small too. I'm wondering if I should start planting them in the ground. I remember one year I had two plants growing from the ground on a smaller trellis (more of a tomato cage) and they were beautiful. But now I can't seem to get them to grow nicely.

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Ah, well the plants in the picture above, sort of died again and are now stunted. They seem to get too much shade and that 47 degree cold snap I mentioned badly set them back. Even though I would consider the area quite sunny, the only ones that are doing good are a mystery morning glory that is in a hanging basket (came out of a bag of potting soil) and this Grandpa Ott I planted in the soil after the first die back.

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I think they may need pinching to get them to branch out... Too late for my long noodly one. These are the stunted ones, you can see they have shrimpy leaves, The beds they are planted in are similar to the long one, relatively moist but raised and not too soggy, with decent sun.

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