Questions about late freezes and cat pee?

faingMarch 4, 2014

Hi, this is my first time posting at gardenweb I have been reading comments for quite a while here. I'll probably have lots of questions and pictures to share in the near future. To get started my wife and I put a house on some rural raw land a couple of years ago, that use to be a hay pasture with almost no trees besides some trash trees against the fence line and a nice live oak. I've never been the gardening or landscaper type but since being here over the years I started to develop a passion for it.

I've also made lots of mistakes being this amateur. Its ok, I'm on a descent amount of land that can afford a few hiccups here and there.

So here's my question can cat pee and poop (not too much worried about the poop) hurt a tree? We acquired a cat that's earned its keep by reducing the number of field mice here. But she seems to prefer the mulch around the flowering purple plum tree (in the back) and methley plum (up front).

The flowering plum I consider more of temporary tree anyway but I don't want it to die in a couple of years, my wife loves the purple leaves. The real plum tree is just an experiment.

I have a system here where I plant a fast growing trash tree then somewhat nearby a burr oak, shumard oak, or live oak my favorite trees. So I probably have a lot of trees most folks wouldn't care for. Sorry for the long introduction under this question but...

Anyone ever had a cat constantly pee on a tree and that tree die? here in the first pick are the two trees she likes the most I understand with the rain they should be fine but this is west of Houston and that gets super rare through out the year. And so is this ice storm...

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So I also bought a couple of omeo gum eucalyptus trees months ago, just an experiment kinda close together I know, but I recently took the stakes out and then this storm blew over last night. Look how far they are to the ground and covered in ice. Now I understand eucalyptus are probably better grown from seed but I tend to get lucky with plants. They were this tall when I bought them not much trunk width. But for 8 bucks a piece I figured eh why not. And since a few months ago they put on new growth.

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Can you post a bundle of pics the same time?

Here's my peach tree I believe its an early amber. The flowers have already bloomed and the peaches are tiny and green. Could this freakish ice storm damage them. My daughters age 7 and 4 can not wait till they ripe. They really loved them last year. The last pic is a florida king peach I bought 3 weeks ago.

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flowers were opened

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

The cat doing its thing in the mulch should not hurt the tree. It appears to be large enough. They like a place that is easy to dig, and cover up.

As far as the ones that were hit by the freeze only time will tell you. My tomatoes did not make it, it did a real number on all of my mint plants though it will just stunt them a little bit.

I am not much on fruit trees. I am better with the big gamble of veggie gardening.

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I have three cats and two dogs, and I try to keep them from peeing on or around my trees. What works for me with cats is putting green chicken wire flat around my trees. The cats don't like to walk on top of it and can't scratch at the dirt or mulch underneath. Also, it blends in with the ground for the most part so it doesn't look that bad. I'm having a harder time with my male dog. He doesn't have to be that close to the trunk of the tree to be able to lift his leg and pee on it.

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my cat was getting in my onions to do her business and I put several bunches of coffee grounds on the bed and that has solved that problem.

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