Planting trumpet vine

lovegardening84April 26, 2012

Yeees I know....invasive...don't plant right!? far should I plant from the fence? I am always unsure how far to plant climbers from the structure. Thanks in advance!

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I have found most seem to appreciate being planted about a foot away.
My Schizophragmea 'Moonlight' did very well.
Being so vigorous, trumpet vine may need no such concern.
I had an extremely beautiful one, Jersey Peach, and killed it, recently. Not as difficult as I thought.
A climbing rose or clematis is planned for that spot.
I will start each a foot from the trellis.

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Be aware that if you plant in in a fence line that divides you from someone else's property, it WILL spread to their property, too.

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If I were you, I would plant it about 3 miles from the fence, and hope that it never found the fence.

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I hope you outlive your trumpet vine. I planted some along a fence and it ate it, the plants around it, the house, the dog and was heading for my nieghbors !

You can't kill it.

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