covering a telephone pole?

blutarskiApril 12, 2008

Hi, I'm looking for a flowering vine that will cover a telephone pole. I've seen similar things where I live (southern PA) and I like the look.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

there are quite a few vines that will cover a telephone pole but please consider the workers who have to climb and work on the poles. Wasps are a major issue for those people. Some wasps love to nest in vines and become extremely aggressive when there nesting site is disturbed.

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Duly noted, chazparas. Can you give me some of the species that are available?

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

depends on where you are? I've seen virginia creeper, boston ivy, and the dreaded trumpet vine all growing beautifully up telephone poles. Even a climbing hydrangea will do fine. Some poles are treated with insecticide, fire-retardant, or even herbicides. Be careful if they seem to be oily around the base, could be any of the above.

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Here's what I saw in my local nursery:

Wisteria-Japanese and Chinese
Clematis- I'm not sure which types

I tried to as an employee, but she brushed me off with "they'll all do well, they're over there."

Will any readily take to something the size of a telephone pole? How would I train it to do that?

(sorry for all the questions.)

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You could try an annual like cardinal climber, it's supposed to be very fast growing, I'm going to grow it by our mailbox this year, so I'll see what happens! :)

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Nobody answered the question, "How does one train a vine up a telephone pole?"

I would appreciate an answer to that.

I'm considering passiflora incarnata or p. lutea (passionflowers).

Without some sort of wire mesh, I cannot imagine them climbing telephone poles.

Chain link fences, yes, telephone poles, no.

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Telephone poles are supposed to be kept clear. The owners can come and kill the vine any time they want. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it.

However, if it is a pole that you own, either Campsis radicans or Parthenocissus will do the job in about 3 years. I had a naturally planted Parthenocissus climb a guide wire of the pole, then the pole itself, then start across the road. The power/telephone co. took note and killed it. Campsis climbs with the aid of roots that develop at the nodes (the "radicans" part of the name come from the word for root), it also does not need help, but will climb faster if aided.

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I realize this is an older post but I wanted to bring to people's attention the danger in this. Two years ago I planted a gorgeous climbing ivy at the base of a hideous hydro pole right outside my house (I live in the city so these things are crazy close). This past month, it had successfully made it to the top of the post - covering it all and looking glorious. I was quite pleased. Unfortunately sometime last night, the vine must have connected to the live line and the entire thing fried right up to a point at about eye level on the post where there is a metal ring. I guess the metal ring broke the surge so the plant from that point down is still alive. Silly me, I was touching the vine trying to figure out if someone cut it on me. Nothing happened thankfully while I was doing this but had I been daft enough to cut it, I could have died. It turns out that the sap acts as a conduit. We now are going to hack off of the dead part with a sharpened wooden instrument while wearing rubber boots. The rest will have to sit there looking dead and hideous as I dread calling the hydro company and getting billed for them to clean up the mess.

So moral of the story, as tempting as it is to improve these ghastly things, think twice...

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