Salt tolerant Vine

palmcitrusbananavaz7(8a VB)April 5, 2011

Anyone have suggestions for a salt tolerant vine? I would prefer evergreen, but if it will grow back quick then that's okay. Oh and can survive in zone 7

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I found this link. Salt tolerant vines
Confederate Jasmine is wonderful here in my zone 8b garden and I didn`t realize it was salt tolerant. It is rated zone 7b-10. Here is some information. confederate jasmine. It is worth a try if you can plant it in a protected place next to a building.It needs to be in protected place where it can get still some sun. I have heard people say they can grow this vine in zone 7 if they plant it in the right place. It might be worth a try for you if you find it on sale. I bought mine really cheap at wal Mart for 6.00 and it was well worth it because it grew into a beautiful vine over 3 years. It gets smothered with star shaped blooms every spring and smells really good.


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palmcitrusbananavaz7(8a VB)

Thank you!!!
I will give it a try, especially if it is only $6! I also want to try the coral honeysuckle! (I forgot about that)
Thanks for your help!

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You`re welcome! Karen

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I have to agree, the "Star Jasmine" Trachelospermum jasminoides will grow in nearly any soil conditions. There are a few variations of Trachelospermum called Trachelospermum Asiaticum - These Asiatic variety are just as hardy and easy to grow as the non Asiatic variety. You'll have to look around online because some of the Asiatic variety flower and others not at all. You can read more about it here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Star Jasmine Varieties

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I have an island in the gulf of mexico i have a tough time planting things out there, not only because of the salt but the entire island is made up of oyster shells. I don't know what zones are or what mine might be, i need help trying to figure out what plants will thrive. Bromeliads seem to like it and of course cactus and succulents, but not much else.

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I've seen Trumpet Vines grow happily on coastal properties in Zone 6.

I've seen honesuckle cover seaside cliffs.

Unfortunately, the first is a thug and the second invasive.

Beach Pea (Lathyrus japonicus) is VERY salt tolerant.

None of these three are evergreen.

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chicken_island10, USDA Zones are a classification system based on temperature.

Look up your USDA Zone at:

Sounds like your soils is sandy/gravelly as well as salty. If it is made of seashells, it may be alkaline as well. Get a soil test.

Try amending the soil with organic matter and a mildly acidic fertilizer. Maybe holly tone, acidifying nitrogen, or spagnum peal .

Maybe coconut palms?
I'd plant Beach Peas, Beach Grass, and Virginia Roses.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

I love my coral honeysuckles I did not know they are salt tolerant. You could also look into Carolina jessamines.

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