Seedlings W/ Thin Leaves (very thin)

Stellabee(7, Atlanta)May 7, 2013

I sprouted some tomato seeds in a medium that I don't normally use-spagnum moss. The seedlings seem very unhealthy with leaves that are less than paper thin. If I put these suffering little plants in the ground, might they get better and start to thrive or should I not expect them to recover and become healthy plants?

Thanks & Please Advise!


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Photo please if possible. Otherwise, given the limited information provided, it may be perfectly normal and just new to you. And the name of the variety please. Some varieties normally have very thin wispy leaves.


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Stellabee(7, Atlanta)

Hi Dave,

I don't have a photo right now. It's a bit dark, as it's early morning here in Atlanta. The varieties that I'm noticing this with are Matt's Wild Cherry and Yellow Pear. The other tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Eva Purple Ball, & Green Zebra) don't seem much better. They all have the thin leaf issue going on to some extent...

I have sprouted seeds before in organic soil mix I bought at the store and had no issues in the past. I guess I should have stuck with what worked for me.

In any case, I'm hoping these thin leafed plants might be able to get better in the ground where there are nutrients. I have this funny feeling though that they might be stunted somehow-pretty mad at myself for not being practical and fixing what was not broken.

Thank you for your quick response, Dave.


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How are your the growing conditions?
I find that low light intensity conditions can cause some plants to have thin leaves, but the leaves are wider/broader than normal. If this is the case, be careful hardening them.

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