What does Pipe Vine want?

msbattApril 29, 2011

I got one in trade, and I don't know which species it is---I'm thinking it's either durior or fimbrata (sp?) In either case, how much sun does it need, and how much support?

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You should be easily able to ID A. fimbriata as the leaves are fairly small, roundish and have white veins. I keep mine in am sun, water regularly and feed maybe once a month. It's a light vine and I keep it on a thin wire trellis. I don't know how hardy fimbriata is but I store it dormant over the winter in the garage or the unheated greenhouse. It just started growing again a few weeks ago. I don't have durior.

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Okay, mine does NOT have the white veins, but it is a small, roundish leaf.

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