Juicy, Muscular Bodies

equinoxequinoxJune 16, 2013

Alternate Title: Intestines of the Earth

As in âÂÂWorms are the Intestines of the EarthâÂÂ


The video sound effects are great.

There are sweet potato queens, shad fish queens, kale queens, why not vermicompost or worm queens? This video contestant certainly has enthusiasm for the subject.

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Awesome video work! Makes me wanna go out to the wormshed (my wife calls it the potting shed, but we really know what it is) right now and get down and dirty with the herd.

Maybe separate a few cocoons. Or just listen to what they're saying. Right now they're saying how glad they are to be living large A/C'd.


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More people would buy tickets with the first title!! I want Emma's job!

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