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equinoxequinoxJune 13, 2013

The last couple of weeks have brought an avalanche of new posters to this great forum.

Was the Garden Web site listed in a news report or is it just spring time and everybody's minds turn to vermicomposting worms?

As Ms. Frizzle says, "take chances, make mistakes, get messy."

Welcome and Ask Questions

~ equinoxequinox

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Maybe the forum got bumped up the ranks in the search engines. I use another popular forum for lawn care information, but as far as I can tell this is the best forum for vermicomposting.

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I found this on the first page of my google search.

I searched "vermicomposting"

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A lot of curiosity might have been created during the msnbc special contrasting unusual behavior of people in Christendom against the backdrop of populations viewed as living a more practical existance. Behaviors cited as odd were among others,hoarding of obsolete objects(aka antique collecting),indulging in activities that don't further a greater good(aka entertainment) and , gulp , people who house and pamper worms inside their dwelling(aka vermicomposting). They never made it around to snakes or barnyard livestock so for the present they must be hip.

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I Googled Gold Refining, Sky Diving, Cave exploring, and how to raise Cobras and Anacondas for Fun & Profit; and the first thing that came up was this forum.


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