Does garlic water (spray) work for insects?

catman529(6b)May 27, 2010

The flea beetles and squash bugs have been bad already on the young eggplant (almost defoliated) and on the cucurbits. The flea beetles aren't a big problem on the maters currently but I sprayed everything but the peppers with a garlic spray I made - fresh and powdered garlic soaked for a day or two with a little peppermint thrown in and some soap and a bit of oil, then strained a couple times and put into a spray bottle.

Does anyone think this setup will be effective, and can I get any personal experiences with any type of garlic spray?

PS I didn't use egg mainly because I didn't feel like mixing it in at the time and just wanted to cover the plants in garlic.

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Add neem oil to this and you have a winner! Also they really like radishes, so plant them in your crop as a trap crop.

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I have radishes growing but they haven't been touched so far. They are right next to the eggplant which are almost completely skeletonized...I hope they can grow out of it.

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