what kind of vine should I use

diana1952May 9, 2008

I just bought a small triangle Obelisk, I think their called, anyway its only about 46 inches tall. I am new to vines and have trumpet vine on my pergola and virginia creeper on the wood fence. Two other vines I'm not sure what they are. And I bought a small sweet pea at the plant sale last week. I can put it in sun or shade. I could also put it on a large pot or on the ground. I just thought it would be fun to ask this group what they may try. Something floral would be nice. Is one sweet pea plant enough for that size I could plant the sweet pea on it.

Thank you

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Cypress vine is pretty without being to heavy and the airiness of the leaves allows the obelisk to shine through.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cypress Vine

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