Beaumontia grandiflora won't flower

msbattMay 30, 2011

I got this plant in trade several years ago, and It has had some hard knocks. One winter the door to the greenhouse blew open and it froze back to the soil line, another winter it lost all its leaves, etc. But finally, last winter I found a place where it was HAPPY, and it's putting on new growth like crazy---but I've NEVER seen this flower. Now that it's growing good, what should I do to encourage flowers? How much sun does it need, and how heavy a feeder is it?

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I've never had any luck with this plant but I did see quite a few growing in Puerto Rico last month. It must be a popular landscape plant over there. There were several huge vines in full bloom, all growing in full sun. I couldn't tell you anything else, sorry. Good luck.

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I have a friend who owns a nursery, that has/had one - it's currently on display in a butterfly atrium. Her vine is MASSIVE ie it's in a 50 gallon container and of course, blooms every summer.

I got cuttings from her and asked how long before it would bloom - she said hers was a woody and huge vine before it finally bloomed, so I'd say (according to her description) it has to have a large caliper before it will bloom.

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