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randomzJune 11, 2010

Is it just me or are others getting annoyed with the adverts that make the web page go up and down while trying to read it or click on links?

I realise that they wish to make money by advertising, but when it gets to be annoying it's counter productive in my opinion.

The barrage of advertising on this site also makes it fairly slow to respond compared to most forums I am involved with.


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I agree 100%. What can be done about it?

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i think the adblocker i have on firefox keeps that banner from loading.

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Absolutely agreed.

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I agree the ads on this site are excessive. Part of the problem with the speed of the site is that the site doesn't allow the page to load until all the ad scripts load -- and right now on this page there are at least 5 ad services running scripts, and a 6th one I am not sure.

I should say *trying* to run scripts. I use FireFox with AdBlock and NoScript. Ads are part of what makes the free web work, so I whitelist sites that have well behaved ads. Cross-site scripting (XSS) is strictly forbidden, however. It can be a vector for pushing malware to PCs.

I'm glad you're not fed up with your worms!

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Vermicomposters will flock to where ever the board functions the best and where ever the best posters are.
Just like worms to cantalope or bees to a new hive. And it happens just as quick.

I hate when even clicking the X on advertisements does not get rid of them. That whole what your reading moves up and down as the ad opens and closes is horrible.

I'm sure it is not just the vermicomposters at gardenweb who are buzzing. We like it here and want to stay. Maybe the site could back down to an acceptable annoyace level of advertisements?

If you all escape the bin due to poor conditions please leave a path of cornmeal and crushed egg shell for me to follow.

I read and post at a few vermicomposting sites and they all have their ups and downs as vermicomposters move to the best sites.

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yeah this site does seem to have more ads than others. My computer blocks most but I still see some.

I thought this thread was about being fed up with worms at first...I am glad that is not the case


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jonas302(central mn 4)

Its not so much that I mind looking at there adds I hate it when my computer opens a new window and locks up if my mouse falls in the wrong spot can't they at least made the adds load fast and work properly

Does anyone have a link to a blocker that takes care of those in text adds the works with IE

You can opt out of them but every time your cookies clear you have to do it again

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Google "internet explorer ad blocker." There are several options. I can't vouch for any of them since I never use IE.

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I don't like all the advertising aswell, but the thing I would like to see changed is to have a place that we can post pictures. I'd like to share my bin/bed setups and see others.
This forum is for info on worm composting, and a picture says a thousand words

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